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Onsite Office Implementation [Guide]

Here are a collection of Onsite Office Implementation tips we compiled over the years. While many of you have already begun the process of Onsite Office Implementation, these are some basic guidelines for future needs or for those of you just starting your new business endeavors.

Where do you being implementing new onsite office procedures?

When beginning Onsite Office Implementation, it’s best to lay out a game plan. Your business might have logistics figured out, but suffer in other fields. Do you start from a point of strength or do a top-down examination? As many begin their return to the office, this can be your time to address your office procedures.

  1. Exploration – Set clear goals for your office plans and define the variables that can impact successful deployment.
  2. Installation – Deploy the mechanisms you need for your business office plan to work. Whether that be new technology, employees or procedures.
  3. Initial Implementation – Taking what you have to begin the office plan, implement what you have and measure the results.
  4. Full Implementation – After researching your initial findings, begin deploying your full office plan.
  5. Expansion and Scale-up – When you understand what works best with your office implementation, expand upon your work and scale up alongside your business.


Onsite Office Implementation

How to bring a mixed office into the technological landscape of today

You need to ensure your team’s technical ability is at a certain level. While the modern office will have members from the early days of the PC boom to the young people currently ushering in Web 2.0, where does your office fall into the mix?

The Pandemic has shown that everyone’s tech experience is at different levels. From people attending Zoom meetings with their microphone off to companies learning that their individual computers can’t support modern requirements, lots of people came up short. So, as you ready your onsite office implementation plan, consider the following.

  • When was the last time my IT Department updates our technology fleet?
  • If my business lost power, what is our plan for recovering data and continuing operations?
  • Has my business been using enterprise software?
  • What is my business doing to provide proper internet security?
  • Does my business rent server space or do we properly maintain it on-site?

Preparing your services for the modern tech marketplace

When engaging in onsite office implementation, your tech focus will split across four fields.

Mail – When engaging in mail services, your business needs to have the following under control.

  1. The ability to track packages
  2. The ability to allow customers to track delivery process
  3. A carefully craft catalog of everything shipping in and out of your business.

Digital Documents – A computer system that allows to store documents of all varieties and sizes. This interlinked document system will replace the business library and storerooms of old.

Courier and Logistics – Courier services are in-demand since the Pandemic started. As life turns to normal, many businesses and communities have seen courier services deployed at greater levels. When deploying a new office implementation with increased tech strategy, courier services benefit by increasing the lines of communication and tracking.

Shipping and Receiving – We’ve discussed how tech helps shipping and receiving in the past. Feel free to click and reference the material among your stakeholders.

Is Teamwork enough for a modern Onsite Office Implementation plan?

Teamwork makes the dream work. But, it’s also a key part of making any office implementation work. From the smallest of offices to the largest of corporations, multiple layers of employees are required to engage in each other’s work. So, how do you turn the potential for finger pointing to back pats that lead to success?

  1. Give all team members the ability to communicate.
  2. Clearly label responsibilties
  3. Give team members the chance to sign off on tasks you assigned to them.
  4. Make sure that all new tech systems allow for proper reporting and analytics to track overall office growth.

What else could I do to better my office implementation plan?

As we wrap up this quick look at Onsite Office Implementation, we might feel like some areas might be overlooked. However, that’s the beauty of an ongoing office implementation. As you set up the initial implementation phase, you will return to spots that can be fixed as you refine and scale up your business.


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