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We are proud to offer you our high-quality calculators that have been crafted with precision and care to assist you in optimizing your expenses and reducing costs in the mail room. With our state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, you can trust that our calculators are not only reliable but also user-friendly. Our team of experts has integrated the latest features to ensure that your experience with our calculators is seamless, efficient and cost-efficient. By using our calculators, you can make faster and accurate calculations while keeping your expenses in check. Choose one of our calculators today and start saving money in the mail room!

UbiMAIL - Digital Mail Calculator

Simply put, Digital mail saves you money.

UbiMAIL – Digital Mail Calculator

With UbiMAIL, OMG is changing the paradigm for your organization’s incoming mail by reducing the volume of mail physically distributed in your system, allowing your team to focus on the items that matter most to your organization’s operations. With a few data points we can help determine if UbiMAIL is the right solution for your organization and some of the savings opportunities that you can capture through the benefits of a fully-realized, digital mail solution. Please note, this is a free tool for estimation purposes only.

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Document Scanning Calculator

Our on-site scanning solution can take your paper documents and turn them into searchable files.
Use the calculator below to learn more about our service and costing.

Document Digitization w/ UbiDOCS

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Outbound Mail Calculator

OMG’s innovative solutions dramatically reduce your outbound mail spend. Use the calculator below to determine your savings potential.

UbiMail OB Calculator

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We estimate your mail breakdown below utilizing nationwide industry averages. If you know your organizations breakdown, you may edit the values below:
Do you utilize a presort vendor?

Print Calculator

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