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Digitization & Automation the Cornerstones of

UbiDOCS is designed to optimize an organization’s information. Your staff can access the documents, images, layouts and presentation they need to colloborate, make informed decisions and get work done. By having all files in one place improve workflow and make it easier to stay organized and on target with company iniatitives.

Accelerate and simplify your business processes with UbiDOCS enabling workflow automation. Eliminate moving at the speed paper

Business Mail Services digital mail

Power Document Control Through Digitization

Beyond just the mailroom, your business relies on shared documents on a daily basis. By digitizing your documents and turning to a single platform for storing and sharing these files, you can cut down on time spent tracking down important information.

Our document control solution allows stakeholders to access the same document in real time. Every change is tracked and updated immediately. This cuts down on document version confusion and reduces the amount of time spent manually sending documents over. Collaborate across teams and store your business’ documents securely.

See What Digital Document Management
Can Do for Your Business

Start by getting an overview of what digital mail is and how it can impact your mailroom. From there, we’ll customize a demo to showcase our tools and offerings and how they would integrate in your business.

Search Data Instantaneously

When time is of the essence, the digitization of your documents will become an invaluable asset. Search through large amounts of information in a matter of seconds with built-in document search features.

Manage Content Lifecycles

Whether it is ensuring compliance with document regulations or it is a matter of reducing document bloat, set up document life cycles within our system to better manage documents and information.

Collaborate Remotely

Whether your entire team works in the same physical office location or you are collaborating across time zones, our digital document solutions allow teams of any kind to collaborate on projects seamlessly.

Protect Information

Security is critical when it comes to document control. Set up document access down to the user level and protect sensitive data with document management controls.

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