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Optimize your routed and on-demand courier operations through technology and expertise

The courier operations you rely on serve as a crucial link between your facilities. By utilizing your courier system in an effective and efficient manner, you can improve patient well-being and add value to your staff who perform vital functions daily. Optimizing your courier routes and minimizing the unnecessary use of on-demand requests can significantly decrease your overall spending.

UbiMILE is a critical, time-sensitive operation that supports lab, pharmacy, SPD, HIM, mail, supplies, equipment and other departments, with hundreds of daily touchpoints. As your logistics partner, we see ourselves as an extension of your operation. We know there is a patient impacted by every delivery we make, so we feel obligated to provide an excellent service experience.

Online Ordering & Tracking

Ability to track order date, order type, delivery location and status in real-time.

On-Demand Dispatch

Process special request with a sophisticated costing algorithm for on-demand vs scheduled deliveries. Dispatching is able to utilize drag and drop to support the best delivery resources for each job.

Routed Daily Delivery

Keep daily routes running efficiently by utilizing a comprehensive route building tool.

Analytics Route Organization

Receive route data reports to identify opportunities for adjustments.

GPS Tracking

Obtain insight into your operations by viewing your orders, routes and drives in real-time.

Temperature Controlled Transport

Maintain the quality of your temperature sensitive freight with our expertise.


Exceed the requirements necessary to meet OSHA/HIPAA/PHARMA complicities.

Critical Med & Vaccine Storage

Proper handling and storage of vaccines are important factors in preventing and eradicating many common vaccine preventable diseases.

Auditable Chain of Custody

Reviewable online documentation that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of materials.

Mobile & Web Portal

Brand your healthcare courier services as your own with the ability to customize your portals.

Integrated to
Back Office

Seamlessly download and upload data in your accounting system or setup on integrate to any system.

Optimize Healthcare Courier Services!

Learn how we can help you enhance courier operations with our technology and expertise.