Logistics Management & Courier

Our Logistics and Courier services ensure on-time delivery every time.

Enhanced Efficiency

Logistics management and courier operations are critical services in many organizations. These services are often one of the highest spend categories, particularly within the healthcare industry. Continuous route/stop reviews, process optimizations and efficiency initiatives, assists in lowering cost. Onsite Management Group meets with key stakeholders to understand the true need of the service of each stop, allowing us to guarantee savings while still meeting client service requests.

Experience and reliability go hand in hand. We offer a full range of logistics and courier solutions which provide the most reliable point-to-point pickup and delivery services.

Why Choose Onsite Management Group


State of the art courier software. GPS tracking enabled for live feedback, couriers are able to respond to changes in routes immediately.

Culture of Care

Team of professionals focused on on-time outstanding service. Our focus is to be an extension of your organization serving your customers, clients, and patients.


Courier services are an integral part of any business. We focus our training to ensure our staff understand the impact they have on our clients, in addition to HIPAA, OSHA, TSA, DOT, IATA and PHARMA compliance.

Quality Assurance

Products are monitored throughout the entire transport to ensure on- time delivery, temperature control and chain of custody tracking.


All products are transported under controls, designed for HIPAA and OSHA guidelines.


Our operations run 24/7/365, ensuring your packages go when you are ready.


Work hand-in-hand with printing services, mail services, and supply chain to capitalize on existing routing, reducing overall cost.

Peace of Mind

Electronic delivery notifications provide immediate communication when packages are picked up or delivered.

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Potential Savings!

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