Digital Mailroom and Document Solutions

Digital Mailroom Technological Solutions and Service

Transform your mailroom processes and document management with intelligent digital solutions. From the moment a physical mail piece or paper document enters your building, you should be automating the process of converting these physical copies into digital documents. By automating the process and utilizing a intelligent capture and a content management solution, you can lower your operational costs while ensuring all key stakeholders have access to business-critical information.

OMG’s Managed Services

Efficiencies and cost savings are realized through OMG’s processing of inbound and outbound mail. OMG will implement cost saving process to opening, prepping and scanning inbound mail. Outbound mail is sent by utilizing the maximum savings available for each piece of mail processed.

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Why Turn to Digital Solutions for Your Mailroom?

The physical mailroom is one of the last relics of a bygone era. Here, countless hours are spent sorting through physical documents with a high level of potential for human error. The end result is that time is wasted, and important documents and information can fall through the cracks.

By turning to a digital mailroom service, both inbound and outbound mail are managed efficiently. An intelligent digital solution opens, preps, and scans inbound mail, converting these documents into digital copies. These copies then become accessible by any permitted party, securely stored on the cloud.Jumpstart downstream information workflows to improve speed, security and accuracy for transactional processes like accounts payable, claims and invoice processing, among others, creating audit trails to help with compliance and industry regulations.

At the same time, outbound mail spending is reduced as an automated system captures the best available way to process and send each mail piece. This allows your business to respond quickly to requests, distribute information in real time, and stay on top of important business processes previously slowed down by the manual mail process.

The Power of Digitizing Documents and Physical Mail

Through the process of digitizing documents and physical mail, your business can move beyond simply sorting and distributing documents. Instead, information can be processed into digital form, stored across an intuitive content management platform, and can be readily accessed by key stakeholders.

From accounts payable, claims, and invoice processing to internal audits, digitizing your mailroom can help increase the speed, accuracy, and security of your information workflows. It all happens through an automated process. This means less room for manual errors and less time spent tracking down critical information.

The Benefits of Digital Mailroom Services

The benefits of switching to a digital mailroom solution are immense, including:

•          You’ll increase the speed at which information is distributed across business teams.

•          Stakeholders will be able to make real-time decisions backed by up-to-date information.

•          Your mailroom will become more productive with less time wasted manually sifting through documents.

•          Important documents will be retained in a secure and searchable format.

•          Deadlines will be met more frequently with immediate document review and response.

•          Teams will be able to collaborate across departments with shared access to the same documentation.

Harness the Power of

Ready to learn more about digital mail?

Start by getting an overview of what digital mail is and how it can impact your mailroom. From there, we’ll customize a demo to showcase our tools and offerings and how they would integrate in your business.

Multi-Source Document Capture

Whether through scanning a physical mail piece or capturing a digital document, our platform ingests information from any source and stores it securely in a shared database.

Automated Processing

Gone are the days of manually sifting through mail and entering information into a digital system by hand. Our software employs the use of bots to extract critical data, identify documents, and process information.

Constant Workflow

Rather than waiting on a system to perform a single request at a time, our platform allows you to find data, access a digital document, and respond to a correspondence simultaneously.

Intuitive Content Management

With our platform, your documents are securely stored in an easy-to-use content management system. This helps assist your team in document control and version management.

Capture Intelligently

Our digital document management solution is about more than simply capturing and storing content. Our system can help you index, tag, and structure content for easier use downstream.

Managed Support

From daily on-site management to remote technical support, we offer a wide range of support solutions. We ensure that your transition to a digital mailroom and document control solution is a success.