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How to have successful shipping and receiving? [Guide]

Shipping and receiving is a cornerstone of the supply chain. All movements of goods are governed by these principles, but are you doing it correctly? What tips can you learn to help your business? Learn more with our helpful new guide.

What makes for successful shipping and receiving?

Successful shipping and receiving happens when your business establishes a successful management program. That means having a plan for everything from receiving goods, products, services to understanding how to deploy them. But, how does such a strategy begin?

Successful shipping and receiving begins with technology and planning. That means creating a system that leads to improved communication with the shipping facility. From there, you set up a data tracking system that allows for order tracking and precise delivery estimates. Streamline the packaging process and observe constant quality checks. From there, prepare for the possibility of shipping charges changes and adjust your budget.

Onsite Management Group has many tactics that can be found on our shipping and receiving page.

Shipping and receiving

How do I improve receiving inventory?

Receiving inventory boils down to a few steps. Want to know what they are?

  • Optimize your receiving space
  • Unload quickly and safely
  • Keep up quality control
  • Establish a record of everything received.

What are the major parts of successful shipping and receiving?

The major parts of successful shipping and receiving areas are as follows:

1) Improve Your Handling Area – Whether that’s in your office or off-site, have a series of standards that you hold uniform across the company.

2) Invest in Warehouse Management – A new age of technology means new ways to assist yourself and customers. Engage in all with best ROI.

3) Automate Processes – Whenever and wherever you can, automate any repeating process to simply workflow.

4) Monitor Quality Control – Quality control matters at all levels of a business. But, nothing surpasses that final check before it leaves your careful oversight.

5) Prepare for shipping clearance – Once products are ready to leave, you might think that’s all. Your business needs a series of guidelines to check and make sure the final product is safe and secure to ship.

What kind of shipping tips can I implement right away?

So many business owners want to get their logistics correct out of the gate. But, there are a litany of shipping tips that can be implemented right away.

  • Research the best and different carriers to help your shipping efforts.
  • Offer free shipping with minimum order. If you can control variables such as shipping rates, you can focus on other aspects of shipping.
  • Deploy flat rate shipping wherever possible.
  • Use your packaging as a chance to brand and get advertising in front of interested buyers at the end of the initial purchase funnel.

How do I know if my shipping strategies are working?

You’ll know your shipping strategies are working when your employees, management and overall business strategy can run the strategy without thinking about it.

Ultimately, what do I need to know about shipping and receiving?

If there was a few major things to take away about shipping and receiving, it would be the need to create a universal shipping standard at your business. Everyone at every step of the supply chain should know what it takes to offer the best product at a given time.

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