Shipping & Receiving Management

Inventory controlled through focused shipping and receiving operations.

Shipping Simplified

Onsite Management Group’s warehousing professionals receive inventory, manage shipping services and fulfill orders for large and small operations. Customized services are designed to meet any operational need, while maximizing efficiencies to drive savings to our customer’s bottom line.

Trained experts ensure compliance for proper product handling, storage and delivery.

Why Choose Onsite Management Group

Reduced Cost

Elimination of waste, just in time fulfillment, proper management of storage, inventory control, all these items drive cost reduction in an organization. Utilization of OMG’s cost containment analysis tools guarantees savings.

Inventory Management

Managing stock and supply inventories.


Digital identification of all items, allowing for tracking to the item level.


Pick and pack for all end users and customers/clients. Order is received and pulled, delivery is arranged to the requestor.


Managing organization storage, including physical document retention, destruction, etc. Expert management allows for maximizing the available space.

Waste Elimination

Proper inventory management allows for par stocks to be maintained and adjusted based on use. This will allow for just in time ordering, ensuring ordered items do not expire or spoil before they are needed.


Management of returns for incorrect items ordered, recalled items, or items damaged in transit.

3PL Support

Customized support for the organizations supply chain and logistics/shipping for order fulfillment.

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Potential Savings!

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