Mail Center Management

Guaranteed Savings

Our customized mailroom management solution begins with an implementation plan that is tailored to your business needs, resulting in guaranteed cost savings.

Superior Solutions

Onsite Management Group seamlessly integrates the mail center into your organization. Incoming, outgoing, interoffice mail and packages each have processing and handling challenges that are unique to each organization. We identify inefficiencies, cost savings opportunities, and infrastructure modifications that are utilized to create a customized plan designed to improve your business processes and maximize your budget.

Our goal is to be your onsite mail experts by representing your organization and dealing with the day-to-day operations. We act on your behalf to provide an extension of the USPS inside your organization, ensuring best-in-class service.

Why Choose Onsite Management Group


All processing equipment (postage machines, folder/inserters, openers, etc.) are analyzed to determine necessity and recommendations are made for possible consolidation and/or right sizing.


Evaluation of outbound mail processing to ensure lowest postage is utilized.


Education of organization end-users to maximize USPS savings and incentives when creating mail pieces.


Large and/or multi-site organization optimization for mail pickup and delivery.


HIPAA compliant operations with fully certified staff.

Guaranteed Savings

Continuous process improvements that will ensure optimal savings and efficiencies.

Trend Analysis

Increased service levels with comprehensive reporting, trend analysis and projections for future state of services and spend.

Digital Mail

Designed to further increase organizational efficiency and speed, further reducing turnaround processing time and encouraging environmental sustainability.

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