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What business mail services do I need?

Business mail services are fundamental to the success of a commercial enterprise. But, what do you need to know about business mail services? Have you ever had to struggle with various stakeholders that don’t accept that a certain mail service is the best solution? Learn some quick information points that can help you to ease mail service pains for your company.

What is the most reliable business mail service?

The most reliable business mail service for B2B services is generally considered to be FedEx. However, high value items are still reported to get the best service from UPS. That’s great and all, but what does it mean for your daily business mail?

For those of us moving correspondence and traditional business mail, you don’t need something super fancy. The United States Postal Service offers multiple services that are business friendly at a usually lower scale. But, what kind of services do they offer?

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What type of USPS mail services are offered?

The following USPS mail services are offered to business.

  1. Priority Mail Express
  2. Priority Mail
  3. First-Class Mail
  4. Packages /Related Ground Services
  5. Marketing Mail
  6. Periodicals

How do I figure out shipping costs?

Figuring out shipping costs involves preparing for a ton of costs that can arrive. According to Retailwire, 64.3% of business respondents said shipping costs impacts their overall business shipping. Charging too little for shipping to customers can eat in your profit margins. When it comes to business to business, it means that planning and staging strategies can then destroy your budget. So, what goes into figuring out shipping costs?

  1. Figure out your shipping materials
  2. Pinpoint the costs of your shipping infrastructure
  3. Nail down how much it costs to hire courier services
  4. If you ship internationally to remote regions, figure out how much export fees are going to cost

Who is the best shipping partner for a small business?

The best shipping partner for a small business will be the United States Postal Service. When moving mail as a business that isn’t producing product services on par with an Amazon style business, you can get most things solved by USPS.

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These are the best shipping options for your small business mail services

Currently, the best shipping options for your business boil down to this.

USPS (United States Postal Service) – It tends to get ranked best overall. You can get volume based discounts, loyalty credits and free APIs that are friendly to customers and businesses. Plus, the shipping rates have never been faster!

FedEx – Discounts and perks are available to businesses. Home deliveries occur almost everyday in America. However, small packages can be costly due to high shipping costs.

DHL – If you have to ship internationally, then DHL is your best bet. However, surcharges and optional fees will end up making DHL cost more for inside the country.

UPS – The team at UPS has an API that doesn’t quite gel with a lot of customer friendly e-commerce sites. While it’s better than it’s been, there is still a tech breakdown. But, outside of that they have several options that are small business exclusive. Plus, you can get same-day delivery in certain areas.

If I had to tell a stakeholder what are best business mail options are, what would I say as an elevator pitch?

Let’s say you have got to make an elevator pitch on business mail services, here is what you should say:

  • USPS is the best option for business mail
  • The USPS also offers more variety and options for a business having to mail and stay profitable
  • UPS can offer small business friendly software, but the ROI depends on what you’re shipping
  • If you do have to ship internationally, then use DHL for that avenue
  • Make sure you understand all of your costs before engaging in a new shipping plan


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