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Mail Services in the Age of Technology

Technology is constantly impacting our daily lives in nearly all aspects. How we manage our finances, access entertainment, shop and communicate with one another is done through technology more often than not. The impact of technology regarding mail has perhaps been more significant than most other areas in our lives.

Bills are received and paid electronically, marketing of products are ever-present in our digital world, and of course, handwritten cards and letters are mostly a thing of the past


Adapting Mail Services to Digital Process

Mailrooms certainly have not been immune to the impact of technology, with shrinking volumes of both incoming and outgoing volumes and greater demands on services reflect the nature of today’s business.

How does a mailroom remain relevant and keep in step with today’s realities? More often than not, the answer is digitalization. Digitalization has different meanings, different levels of complexities and functionality.

Is Digital Mail Processing Right for your Organization?

There are questions that should be considered before determining if going digital with your mail center is best for your organization.

  • What are your current and projected volumes for incoming mail?
  • What are the sort department/categories used daily?
  • How many users need access to different documents?
  • Is there a need for permanent storage of documents received daily?

Digital Mail Process

Scan and e-mail

The ongoing pandemic has forced organizations to adapt in a rapid manner to distribute incoming mail to staff that are no longer in the office. A simple multi-purpose copier can allow for scanning and emailing documents to remote recipients.

This is a labor-intensive process but does provide a ‘paper trail’ and gives the sender and the recipient the ability to archive, file or discard.

Automated Distribution Options

There are software and equipment options that utilize OCR (Optical Character Reading) or even (AI) Artificial Intelligence processes to automate the process to ‘read’ the document, determine appropriate recipient, and prepare the document for email delivery.

How OnSite Management Group scans and archives

A scan and archive process allows for mail to be scanned and saved to a secured repository that can be accessed only by assigned individuals or groups. All secured documents can be addressed or processed in a paperless environment.

This method offers the opportunity to digitalize paper files and allow for multiple user access and eliminate time when dealing with misplaced or single use paper files. In addition, this eliminates the potential for documents being damaged or destroyed.

Backlog and current scanning of documents can be processed concurrently through simple prioritization and planning. This provides the opportunity to regain valuable office space by eliminating file rooms.


  • Security and accountability
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reducing turnaround times
  • Improved customer service
  • Reducing costs
  • Technology and automation
  • Ease and accessibility for remote workers

The first step in finding out if Digital Mail is for your organization is to request a thorough review of your unique environment, along with what outcome you desire.

A digital mailroom can be a way to process the incoming documents that enter your organization faster and more efficiently.

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