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What is digital mailing?

What is digital mailing? This is a question we here when discussing the ever-changing face of the modern business experience. Sure, you send e-mail and you network on everything from LinkedIn to The Ladders. But, what are you doing with digital mail beyond those initial points? Today, we’re going to answer some basic questions about digital mailing and digital mail for you.

Why Digital Mail?

Onsite Management Group figured a video would explain digital mail the best, so take it away Eric! Show the world the digital mailroom!

Is digital mailing safe?

Digital mailing is safe as anything digital in the modern era. Gone are the supply chain breaks and delays that come with moving physical items in and out of departments. Then, waiting on various department heads and clerks to manually keep track of these parcels by hand. Now, digital mail is broken down into two defining parts. From there, it is either extracted and scanned or sorted and identified. All the while, a clear footprint in the digital system is made at every step of the way.

That’s not to forget the sure amount of digital integrations available with a modern digital mail system. When has there been any time when you can track your business’s mail from the comfort of your desktop?

Why have a hybrid mail process?

A hybrid mail process is a must-have in 2022. The life cycle of a document demands being scanned and converted into something that lives beyond the life of the document. Pioneered by the USPS, the modern hybrid mail process is meant to achieve a few basic facets.

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Reduce the time involved in mail distribution
  3. Better manage time sensitive documents
  4. Reduce non essential junk mail entering your business
  5. Enhance your privacy policy by having more control over your mail
  6. Gain a better understanding of your mail volume

Your business deserves a hybrid mail process as a means of gaining tactical advantages of your competitors by better using pre-existing data.

How does digital mail help businesses?

Digital mail helps businesses by answering those questions that make or break a business. What are we doing well? How can we improve our processes? Is there something we’re missing in our daily operations? By opening more channels to better investigate the data you’re generating, you can better understand mail importance.

What is Digital Mail? In a word, digital mail is freedom. The freedom to know who you are, what your business does best and where you need to grow in the future.

Finally, a few words about Digital Mail from Onsite Management Group

Eric did a great job explaining the Digital Mailroom, but we wanted to leave you with some closing thoughts from our President Tony Fink.

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