Enterprise Content Management
& Digital Mail

Enterprise Content Management and Digital Mail is the automation of businesses documents and incoming mail that requires the use of document scanning and document capture technologies. This solution allows you access to your documents and mail anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are.

Enterprise Content Management

Increased Productivity. Reduce Storage & Operational Costs. Automate Business Process.

Managing information from creation to disposal allows businesses to take advantage of enterprise content management solutions. From a searchable centralize digital repository you have the ability to rapidly access documents, automate document workflows and critical organization procedures, and meet regulatory obligation with advanced security measures in place.

Onsite Management Group’s UbiDOCS powered by Xerox® DocuShare® Software delivers guaranteed savings.

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Digital Mail

As soon as paper enters your facility, the digitization process is initiated with intelligent capture. Incoming mail scanned at point of entry controls and automates decision based on metadata and classifications.  Implementing a digital mail solution significantly increases processing speeds, reduces security risk and minimizes overhead.

Digitized inbound and interoffice mail allows for faster turnaround and greater efficiency. Utilizing Onsite Management Group’s UbiMAIL solution will eliminate inefficiencies and provide a sound base for guaranteed savings.

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Why Enterprise Content Management and Digital Mail Matters