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"The only way you can predict the future is to build it."

Our Offices Are Not What They Once Were

Pandemic, economies, the world around us. Events in our world have led to changes in our workforce, business, and overall processes. As businesses, we can either innovate to improve and capitalize on this environment or continue to be in a reactive stance. We have to provide an easy-to-use option to allow employees access to resources, services, and assets, regardless of location. All while creating an environment where teams within the organization can function at their best. What’s the answer?

OMG has a roadmap to navigate this new business landscape. We call it…

Office of the Future

What Is Office Of The Future?

The OMG Office of the Future (OOTF) is built on the idea of Ubiquity. Your team, your assets, your mail, and your shipments are able to work together anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Our technology-based solutions, coupled with our experience in workforce and asset management, bring your organization the ability to work where, how, and when you want. 

OOTF is a state-of-the-art solution designed to maximize your use of office space as well as both in-person and remote workforce human capital. Simply put, by using technology and proven processes, you can increase collaboration, maximize the use of workspaces, enhance productivity through digital mail and document management, as well as tracking valuable assets in transport and delivery. Working together, the systems in OOTF give you a digital dashboard to manage your workforce, regardless of physical location.

That’s the power of cloud management. That’s OMG.

Digital Mail

Optimize outbound mail with postage optimization and sorting audits to reduce overall costs. Inbound mail is digitally scanned and routed to the right person or department improving chain of custody and reporting.


Create a managed system to book desks and rooms. This creates efficiencies for space optimization and timing to maximize team connections.


Centralized tracking and inventory of physical assets. Know where your computers, monitors, projectors, and other technologies are currently. Reduced lost and organization understanding, that’s Trak.

Print Management

Centralized order management creates efficiencies with inventory, print production, and reporting. Maximize your print and scanning operation within your office.

Document Management

Digital document management can be linked to UbiMail to secure your chain of custody. Additionally, you can create a centralized repository for your company documents that is searchable, tracked, and secure. Machine Learning and AI continue to refine processes and workflow for continued efficiency.

Shipping and Receiving

Track and report on receipt of physical items for warehousing and asset storage. Eliminate spoilage, track just-in-time delivery, and mitigate loss prevention.

Last Mile

Courier and last mile operation analysis and tracking. UbiMile uses machine learning and reporting to insure asset delivery is on-time, known, and secured from start to end.


Hub is the centralized digital space that we use to deploy, and report on, all services. From implementation to training, reporting to visualization, the Hub is the core for your Office of the Future.

Working together, the systems in OOTF give you a digital dashboard to manage your workforce, regardless of physical location.

That’s the power of cloud management. That’s OMG.

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