Document & Records Management

We design custom information management solutions to meet your unique needs.

Strengthened Systems

Onsite Management Group transforms critical business document processes to help increase staff productivity and meet your primary organizational goals. We will evaluate your current document management and records program to recommend the most effective solution to ensure overall quality and preserve chain-of-custody.

We help our clients overcome a lack of document storage space and ease increasing concerns over risks and regulations.

Why Choose Onsite Management Group

Increased Productivity

Delivery of requested files sent directly to employee’s desktop. This allows for less time away from desk and increased productivity for core functions.

Space Reduction

Minimizing physical document storage where possible, transitioning to digital storage. This reduces overall space needs and reclaims valuable office real estate.

Document Destruction Management

Documents are tracked for storage time. When shelf life has been achieved, customer approves all document destruction. Destruction is managed through a secure shredding service.

Physical and Digital Storage

Hybrid storage allows for quick access either through direct delivery or digital access.

Document Tracking

Documents are barcoded and tracked. Documents are “checked in and out” with a chain of custody, allowing for all parties to know where documents are at all times.


Comprehensive data detailing total files, storage locations, destruction schedules, overdue returns, etc.

Data Capture and Entry

Scanned files are OCR’d for searchability. In addition, data entry can be performed into client systems for electronic filing or document processing.

Third Party Storage Management

Managing offsite vendor storage to ensure files are tracked and monitored the same as those in-house.

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