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Digital Mail and Document Scanning is the automation of incoming mail processing that requires the use of document scanning, as well as document capture technology. This solution allows you access to your mail and documents no matter where you are, delivered directly to your inbox.

And we do this without any additional spend in your budget. In fact, we bring savinigs.

Enterprise Content Management

Increased Productivity. Reduce Storage & Operational Costs. Automate Business Process.

Managing information from creation to disposal allows businesses to take advantage of enterprise content management solutions. From a searchable centralize digital repository you have the ability to rapidly access documents, automate document workflows and critical organization procedures, and meet regulatory obligation with advanced security measures in place.
Onsite Management Group’s UbiDOCS powered by Xerox® DocuShare® Software delivers guaranteed savings.

Digital Mail & Document Management

As soon as paper enters your facility, the digitization process should begin. Document scanning for new and/or existing documents, along with implementing a digital mail solution significantly increases processing speeds, reduces security risk and minimizes overhead. Document storage becomes much more secure with a much smaller storage footprint.

Digitized inbound and interoffice mail allows for faster turnaround and greater efficiency. Utilizing Onsite Management Group’s RightDoc solution will eliminate inefficiencies and provide a sound base for guaranteed savings.

Digitization & Automation the Cornerstones of UbiDOCS

UbiDOCS is designed to optimize an organization’s information. Your staff can access the documents, images, layouts and presentation they need to colloborate, make informed decisions and get work done. By having all files in one place improve workflow and make it easier to stay organized and on target with company iniatitives.

Our goal is to become an extension of your business,
providing superior management solutions.

Ready to learn more about digital mail?

Start by getting an overview of what digital mail is and how it can impact your mailroom. From there, we’ll customize a demo to showcase our tools and offerings and how they would integrate in your business.

Why Choose Onsite Management Group


Elimination of paper documents to ensure highest levels of security for each document.

Easy Implementation

Digital document solutions have a simple implementation process with just a scanner and a place to store necessary documents. Processes are customized to meet any client needs.


Reduced need for physical storage facilities with their high bills. Documents are stored on secure servers at your location.


Document destruction is a breeze, with multiple levels available for client reviews to be sure nothing is destroyed that shouldn’t be.


Access in seconds to make fast, critical decision, versus hours or days, depending on where the physical documents are stored.


Guaranteed savings through reduced space needs.


Digital documents retain quality on a server versus degradation of paper copies, damage from handling, or other issues.

Disaster Recovery

Digital documents can be backed up on other servers for continuity.