Digital Print Solutions


Digital Print Solutions specializes in providing versatile print solutions to print service providers. Their unique business philosophy centers on creating and executing a client-centered service and sales environment not commonly seen in the production/office copier space.

Their objective is to provide clients with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, without always replacing all of their equipment. DPS uses the latest technology, late-model equipment, and in-place gear to create customized sales and service plans designed to establish client relationships for life, not short-term customer acquisitions.

Digital Print Solutions was founded in 2009 by individuals specializing in supporting digital products for the commercial print industry. Since then, DPS has become Oce/Canon’s largest production print dealership in America, with more than 1,000 production units in commercial print operations throughout several states.

In 2016, Digital Print Solutions expanded its offerings to include finishing/binding equipment and supplies, which provides a product mix that can support clients from start-to-finish for all its printing needs.

Digital Print Solutions has built its reputation on customer satisfaction, quality merchandise, and excellent service. Their outstanding service is what allows them to build relationships with their customers that last a lifetime.

How Our Relationship with Digital Print Solutions Benefits Your Company

Through our alliance with DPS, OMG offers clients a comprehensive analysis of their printer and multi-function operations and requirements. Customers receive deep discounts derived from the volume OMG generates through our relationship with DPS. Our discount is your discount!


  • Providing customers with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions in meeting their needs.
  • Customized sale and service plans for each customer

Industries Served

  • Any industry or entity seeking versatile print solutions from print service providers.


  • Color Production
  • B&W Production
  • Wide Format
  • Production / Wide Format / Envelopes
  • Office Systems (color and B&W)
  • Finishing/binding equipment
  • Supplies