Document Scanning Services

Fast, affordable, and done with state-of-the-art scanning equipment.

In the digital age, it is absolutely crucial to have all of your physical documents scanned and stored on your technological device. Scanning your documents will allow you to work more efficiently and get back to your clients fast. It also frees up your physical storage space and cuts down on the headaches you’ll experience on a typical day at the office. Finally, it simply saves you money! No longer will you need filing cabinets, drawers, and closets to stuff all your paper documents into. They can all fit nicely on your technological device.

Leave Your Paper In The Past

When you’re running a business, there are few things as important to success as efficiency. And in today’s quickly evolving technological world, you simply can’t afford to keep all your important documents on paper. Your team will absolutely love how easy it is to edit and collaborate on files once your important papers have been converted to a digital medium. No longer do you need to place the reputation of your business in the risky position of a flimsy piece of paper. OMG is here to save the day with top quality document scanning you can trust.

Why Trust OMG

You can rest assured that your data will be safe and secure with Onsite Management Group. [NEED A TRUST STATEMENT OF WORK PERFORMANCE]. A wide variety of clients from all types of industries have put their trust in the OMG team for years. We can provide superior document scanning services for all your needs. Some common document types we provide scanning for include:

Business Documents – Whether it is information about your finances, your products, or your clients, you’ll want to have easy digital access to this data. It will help you make better, more informed decisions about your business.

Employee Information – You have a lot of employees, and each one has a lot of data to keep on file. In order to keep paydays smooth and tax season manageable, scan this crucial employee data. Your HR rep will thank you.

Confidential Documents – When it comes to data such as medical records or legal documents, one lost page could spell disaster. Stay in compliance with regulations and enjoy the benefits of easy data access when it matters most.

Other Media – The documents you scan don’t have to be just those which involve text. If you have important papers such as blueprints, graphics, and more, we can also help you digitize those.

Our Process

Our job is making your job as easy as possible. Once you decide to start the process of getting your documents scanned, we’ll get the ball rolling.

We set up our onsite scanning process ensuring document safety and privacy. From there, we will diligently keep track of everyone who handles your documents. Our next step involves removing physical items such as paper clips that might get in the way of the digitization process. Then, we scan each and every one of your documents thoroughly and carefully, ensuring that each digital page has the highest quality of readability before completing your order. We finally index your documents and deliver them to you in a digital format. It is then up to you to decide what is next for the original documents. This may be storage or secure destruction.

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Work With OMG For All Your Document Scanning Needs

When you need to send out a document to multiple people, imagine how nice it would be to get that information delivered with just a few clicks instead of making copy after copy and then hand-delivering or mailing them. This is the power of document scanning. Let us take some of the stress and work off your plate by offering you superior document scanning service. Once you’ve worked with us and seen the benefits of scanning, the only thing you’ll be wondering is why you didn’t start scanning sooner.

What does our document scanning
services look like within your facilities?

On-Premise Scanning

No transportation necessary. Documents Secure within your facilities.


PHI Level Protection

All employees are HIPAA Certified.


Physical Documents Secure Process

All documents will be inspected and recorded as part of a documented chain of custody.


Document Prep

Document for prep for scanning, by removing staples, paperclips and other bindings.Documents are separated by separator sheets which can be used for indexing purposes.


Documents Scanned

Each document is scanned as either individual docs or by batch processing, utilizing OCR/ICR technologies.


Quality Control

Documents are independently quality controlled to ensure images are captured at the highest quality.


Automated Indexing

At the time of the scan, through intelligent capture, important information such as names, invoice numbers, etc. for structured and unstructured documents at 90-95% efficiencies.


Exception Processing

Manually processing intervention for scans not automatically indexed.


Storage & Shredding

Documents are then securely shredded or packed up and placed in short, long, or permanent storage.


Organization’s ECM

Electronic documents are then stored to the organization’s Document Content Management System.

Document Scanning Calculator

Our on-site scanning solution can take your paper documents and turn them into searchable files. Use the calculator below to learn more about our service and costing.

Document Digitization w/ UbiDOCS

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