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Onsite Management is the premier provider of digital mail services, offering advantages over traditional mail delivery methods.

Let’s face it, paper mail is a slow, outdated, and error-prone way to communicate. For businesses that receive a high volume of mail each day, keeping up with the avalanche of incoming communications can be expensive.

The costs associated with hiring staff, setting up a dedicated workspace, and purchasing the equipment required to process mail can add up fast.

However, in many cases, eliminating paper mail from your business processes entirely can be impractical, or impossible.

Organizations looking to streamline the flow of mail into the business and improve operational efficiency should consider the numerous benefits of leveraging digital mail service.

With OMG digital mail service, you can access your mail from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need to physically collect and sort mail, making it convenient for individuals and businesses with multiple locations or those who travel frequently.

Digital mail eliminates the need for manual sorting, scanning, and forwarding of physical mail. This can save time and reduce operational costs associated with traditional mail-handling processes. Additionally, you can reduce expenses related to postage, paper, and storage space for physical mail.

Onsite Management Group prioritizes the security and privacy of your mail. By utilizing secure scanning and encryption technologies, they aim to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access. Digital mail reduces the risk of mail theft, loss, or tampering that can occur with physical mail.

With digital mail, you can receive notifications or alerts when new mail arrives. This allows you to stay updated in real-time and access your mail promptly. Instead of waiting for physical mail to be delivered, you can view, manage, and respond to your mail electronically.

Digital mail services often provide features to help you organize and categorize your mail digitally. You can search, sort, and store your mail electronically, making it easier to retrieve specific documents or information when needed.

By reducing the need for paper-based mail, digital mail services contribute to environmental sustainability. They help minimize paper waste, reduce carbon emissions associated with mail transportation, and promote a greener approach to communication.

UbiMAIL - Digital Mail Calculator

Simply put, digital mail saves you money.

UbiMAIL – Digital Mail Calculator

With UbiMAIL, OMG is changing the paradigm for your organization’s incoming mail by reducing the volume of mail physically distributed in your system, allowing your team to focus on the items that matter most to your organization’s operations. With a few data points we can help determine if UbiMAIL is the right solution for your organization and some of the savings opportunities that you can capture through the benefits of a fully-realized, digital mail solution. Please note, this is a free tool for estimation purposes only.

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We start by giving you an overview of what digital mail is and the impact it can have on your mailroom. From there, we’ll customize a demo to showcase our tools and offerings and how they would integrate in your business.

Business Process Automation

What is Intelligent Capture?

Intelligent Capture is state-of-the-art technology that automates and streamlines the data capture process. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP) to extract valuable data from various sources, including structured and unstructured paper documents, emails, invoices, and forms. With Intelligent Capture, time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry is eliminated, enabling your organization to achieve higher accuracy, faster processing times, and improved decision-making capabilities.


Digitally capture any incoming documents, including mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, fax, and MFPs.


The machine learning platform features robotic process automation and automated workflows. 


Securely classify, organize, store and manage the life cycle of documents, while also enabling collaboration tools and integrations into back-end systems.


Securely deliver data through mobile, EDI, web portals, e-mail, electronic fax, ECM, enterprise systems, and FTP.

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