Conductiv is a leading provider of cost optimization solutions for the healthcare industry. Offering more than 20 years of industry experience, Conductiv has developed a proven methodology and team of experts in working closely with healthcare organizations. The organization’s goal is helping their clients identify and implement cost-saving strategies focused on improving their financial performance.

Conductiv’s services cover a wide range of expense categories, including purchased services, labor, and supply chain.  The company uses a data-driven approach to analyze clients’ expenses and identify areas of inefficiency or overspending.  Then, the company works with clients to negotiate better rates, optimize usage, and implement best practices that can lead to significant savings.

Conductiv’s clients include hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare providers across the United States. The company has a solid track record of delivering results exceeding clients’ expectations, along with receiving numerous awards and accolades for its excellence in cost optimization consulting.

Conductiv is committed to providing personalized and responsive service to its clients, building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual success. The company’s website offers a wealth of resources and information regarding its services, case studies, and industry insights, making it a valuable resource for healthcare organizations looking to optimize their expenses and improve their financial health.

How Our Relationship with Conductiv Benefits Your Company

Conductiv members benefit from heavily discounted pricing tiers for OMG digital mail, document scanning, and courier services.


  • Categorization and analytics support savings identification and realization.
  • Informed contract and KPI development
  • Benchmark pricing across categories
  • Sourcing platform with contract templates
  • Scorecards, SLA tracking, and service verification

Industries Served

  • Solutions benefit various industries, markets, and corporate enterprises.


  • Conductiv Contracts
  • Conductiv Platform
    • Pipeline Management
    • Analytics
    • Contract Intelligence
    • Negotiations
    • Supplier Performance Management
  • Conductiv Services (Strategic Sourcing)