CareAR is a company dedicated to making expertise accessible through live visual AR interactions, instructions, and intelligence. Their mission is to drive game-changing operational efficiencies, customer outcomes, and enhanced safety.  CareAR’s vision is to revolutionize the service experience while delivering significant operational efficiencies and real business value. They envision a world where human intelligence and information are augmented with contextual data and delivered on-demand to any device—from desktops to drones, for any situation, from the “chair to the air.”

CareAR is an innovative organization that genuinely cares about its customers. Their team brings profound enterprise experience in building scalable, communications software platforms and solutions. Their IP and collective team understand the value of delivering delightful and frictionless user experiences at scale. With CareAR, customers can expect to receive exceptional service and support backed by cutting-edge technology and a team passionate about making a positive impact.

How Our Relationship with CareAR Benefits Your Company

CareAR collaborates with OMG on technology-based solutions focused on document management and digital mail solutions


  • Enables fast and easy, no-code, drag-and-drop instructional content creation, accelerating service experience transformation.
  • Elevates the customer’s experience and NPS through unmatched quality, service, and capabilities.
  • Faster problem resolution with elevated service experience.
  • Remote and Self-Solve Resolutions reduce the burden of the service desk and contact center.
  • Deflects Costly Dispatches—increase remote resolutions and decrease unneeded dispatches through visual assistance and guidance.
  • Makes knowledge contextual by delivering digital and visual content with context in promoting self-solve resolutions, or providing self-guided instructions.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • IT Services
  • Healthcare


  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • IT Service
  • ServiceNOW
  • XMPie
  • DocuShare