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Our services seamlessly remove the burden of administrative & operational litigation tasks.

Expert Evaluation.

Challenging legal cases and demanding clients require you to pursue continued revenue growth and seamless structural changes in order to thrive in the challenging legal environment of today. OMG Litigation Solutions provides staff, equipment and software solutions that allow you to improve service delivery. Our responsive and reliable support ensures that our clients receive assistance for unexpected needs or issues. 

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"We proactively benchmark our performance against industry standards, identify creative ways to enhance processes, and uphold best practices."

Why Choose Us.

At Onsite Management Group, we work to maximize operational efficiency, increase profits and decrease fixed costs. Our litigation solutions include:

Personalized support, tailored services and staffing to meet each need within your organization, customized for your culture

Deep domain expertise including technology and process know-how, advanced technology platforms, and industry veterans with Six Sigma credentials

Vendor-neutral principles ensures unbiased technology recommendation and implementation

Dedicated recruiting team, robust training curriculum, and a strong culture for talent management which enables us to retain high caliber individuals

Customizable and scalable services from single to multiple site locations to meet each client’s unique requirements

"Our comprehensive on-site support addresses every detail, from electronic processing and workflow design to solution integration and operation."

Records Management.

Records are critical, high-value assets for a law firm. Having a strategic plan for records and information management is critical to mitigating risk, transitioning to an electronic records environment and ensuring regulatory compliance across the firm. Records management provides a tangible opportunity to capture efficiencies and cost savings, moving record management from a mere back-office necessity to a true value-add.


The Benefits.

Development of offsite storage strategies and contract negotiation

Comprehensive and highly specialized, hands-on experience

Integrated solutions to accurately and cost-effectively manage complex records issues

Full suite of records management solutions provides efficient information support

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Onsite Management Group is a facilities management company dedicated to the optimization of service centers. We provide cost-effective solutions that intertwine effortlessly with your organization and adapt quickly as your business changes and grows.

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