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Working with our corporate partners to deliver visible, bottom-line results.

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From your mail and print center to courier management, Onsite Management Group specializes in eliminating the worries and responsibilities of your service center areas. Our expertise and technology are guaranteed to save you time and money – driving efficiency, boosting productivity and securing bottom-line savings.


"Over the years, we've saved our clients millions of dollars using our proven methodology, efficiency measures, and expertise."

Industry Improvements.

We help our clients achieve industry-specific efficiency goals. Currently, we offer solutions in the following areas:

Mail Security Solutions

Healthcare Industry Solutions

Litigation Solutions

Why Choose Us.

At Onsite Management Group, we take the time to learn about our client's culture, corporate governance, operational norms, business processes, and infrastructure. This allows us to maximize operational efficiency, increase profits and decrease fixed costs. Our work includes:

An extensive due diligence study of your mail center to determine how your mail and delivery workflow can be optimized to meet the needs of your core business processes.

Mail, postage and package services for the convenience to end users and employees.

An examination of your existing equipment and technology, delivering expert recommendations for technology upgrades that speed efficiency and integrate effectively into your organization’s scope and size.

Continuous process improvements that will ensure optimal efficiencies.

The restructuring of existing mail and carrier processes and management to heighten efficiency and deliver improved service levels.

Reducing the cost and labor incurred with delivery and courier services.

Encouraging environmental sustainability by reducing the need for mail and interoffice transference, shredding and recycling opportunity for non-critical mail and documents.

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Onsite Management Group is a facilities management company dedicated to the optimization of service centers. We provide cost-effective solutions that intertwine effortlessly with your organization and adapt quickly as your business changes and grows.

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