Medical Couriers

Our medical courier solutions help you improve efficiency and quality of service.

Managed Medicine

We believe that an effective logistics services begins with understanding the needs of a business and industry. In addition, we know that the reliability, expediency, and cost-effectiveness of medical courier solutions are critical to your business. That’s why our clients trust us to deliver their specimens, lab reports, blood products, X-Rays, mail, inter-office envelopes and totes, pharmaceuticals, medical instruments, patient files, cash transfers, and receipts.


"OMG combines industry expertise and innovative technology to bring the most comprehensive medical courier & logistics solutions to your business."

Safeguarding Specimens

Whether your business includes hospitals, laboratories, blood banks, outpatient centers, warehouses, or family care centers, our logistics solutions are customized to meet your immediate needs and long-term goals. Our medical courier professionals are trained to maintain complete compliance while providing consistent, quality service to our customers. Our medical logistics solutions are designed to improve efficiency and not simply cut corners in order to minimize your required involvement in managing day to day operations and issues. OMG frees up your time to focus on improving and growing your business while we manage your medical logistics network.

"Onsite Management Group is the business partner that delivers service excellence to your supply chain."

The Benefits

  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses & exposure risks

  • Optimized solutions for low performing areas

  • Improving logistics network visibility & quality

  • Seasoned staff facilitating implementation period

  • Ongoing process monitoring and evaluation

  • Ensuring OSHA, HIPAA, and Biohazardous compliance

  • Software safeguards end-to-end chain of custody

  • Access to real-time tracking for barcoded items


"Over the years, we've saved our clients millions of dollars using our proven methodology, efficiency measures, and expertise."


Crisis Management

OMG works with you to tailor our business continuity plan to your specified business needs in the event of a major disaster. We provide service guidelines for the critical first 24-72 hours as well as continued service objectives for sustained operation in emergency situations. Our plan provides documented procedures, critical customer contacts, references points for critical data, and resources to reduce confusion during a crisis and to expedite the return to normalcy. Our recovery management team identifies alternate sources for supplies, resources, and documents storage, safeguarding, and retrieval procedures for vital records and shipments in effort to mitigate risk to your team and our medical couriers.

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