In today's business climate, most organizations face common challenges, they need to reduce costs, grow revenues, improve productivity, and enhance customer relationships. Onsite Management Group can help - Our solutions help you optimize the flow of communication, reduce costs, and streamline business processes for greater productivity and profitability.

OMG provides the following services as a part of its standard Onsite Management service package and performs these services in every major vertical market:

Mail Center Management

OMG, LLC (Onsite Management Group) excels at managing and optimizing service centers. We can simplify your support areas while improving performance and saving you money. OMG integrates the mail center into your organization for incoming, outgoing mail and packages and interoffice communications. We focus on your existing infrastructures and improve your business processes so they are more streamlined and aligned with the overall workflow of your organization. 

Using our solutions allows our Clients greater flexibility, control, project management options and cost savings by bundling services to realize economies of scale. 

Our goal is to become an extension of our Client's business. We take the time to learn about our Client's culture, corporate governance, operational norms, business processes and infrastructure, thereby maximizing operational efficiency, increasing profits and decreasing fixed costs.

Focus on your core business activities and let us provide for you:

  • An extensive due diligence study of your mail center to determine how your mail and delivery workflow can be optimized to meet the needs of your core business processes.
  • An examination of your existing equipment and technology, delivering expert recommendations for technology upgrades that speed efficiency and integrate effectively into your organization’s scope and size.
  • The restructuring of existing mail and carrier processes and management to heighten efficiency and deliver improved service levels.
  • Continuous process improvements that will ensure optimal efficiencies.
  • Mail, postage and package services for the convenience to end users and employees.
  • Reducing the cost and labor incurred with delivery and courier services.
  • Encouraging environmental sustainability by reducing the need for mail and interoffice transference, shredding and recycling opportunity for non-critical mail and documents.

Print/Copy Center

OMG’s onsite Print/Copy Center solutions relieves organizations of the responsibility and expense of managing in-house print and copy services. We work with your equipment and provide technologies onsite to manage all your print and copy needs. Our team members are trained experts in print and copy management and employ best practices to improve processes by providing:

  • The management of onsite print and copy management that improves efficiencies and increases resources with no disruption to your current operation.
  • Recommendations that reduces the size and cost of all fundamental print equipment without sacrificing quality or productivity.
  • Operational and process consulting that standardizes practices, improves the efficiency of copy center operations, and realizes dramatic savings.
  • Detailed Services:
    • Document/Print Shop Services
      • Black/White and Color copies
      • Booklets, Binders and Brochures
      • Glue, GBC Spiral, and Saddle Stitch binding
      • Cutting and Stapling
      • Forms creation
      • Paper to digital form conversions
    • Document Assembly/Fulfillment
    • Desktop Delivery and Projects
    • Copier/MFD Fleet Management
      • Service Reporting and Call Management
      • Meter Counts
    • Copier/Fax/MFD Preventive Maintenance
      • Paper Fills, Test Copy, Toner, Cleaning
      • Supply Ordering
      • Coordinating Machine Moves and Installs
    • Forms Design & Creation to obsolescence
    • Document Assembly/Fulfillment
    • Document Imaging/Scanning, Batching and Indexing
    • Document Capture, Storage & Retrieval
    • Records Management
    • Business Process Flow & Reengineering
    • Database Administration
    • Technological Evaluation
    • Imaging to a variety of formats:
      • File Preparation
      • Scanning
      • Electronic Filing
      • Quality Control
      • OCR / Document Enhancement
      • Validation
      • File Tree Initiation
      • Indexing

Logistics Courier Management

OMG meets the diverse needs of its clients, located nationwide, every day. Along with standard mail and package deliveries, we use our expertise in the field of medical and laboratory support offering numerous years of experience in client relations, specialized employee training, specimen collection handling and route operations.

OMG strives to make a difference and offers a platform and resource for clients to change the way they receive services by providing:

  • An extensive due diligence analysis of your courier/logistics operations to determine how your mail and delivery workflow can be optimized to meet the needs of your core business processes.
  • An examination of your existing tracking equipment and technology, delivering expert recommendations for technology upgrades that speed efficiency and integrate effectively into your organization’s scope and size.
  • The restructuring of existing mail and carrier processes and management to heighten efficiency and deliver improved service levels.
  • Peace of mind associated with knowing that their logistics and courier services are managed and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year as needed by each individualized client contract.
  • Exceptional customer service; utilizing the latest in technology, training and service; we are prepared for the unforeseen challenges and disasters clients may face.
  • Preparation to undergo a CAP inspection at any time.
  • Ensuring all agency regulations required for shipping specimens by air and ground are documented and complied.
  • A documented training and safety program to ensure comprehension such as videos, remote testing and supervised in-field training.

Courier/Logistics Services
Adhere to a daily delivery schedule for the distribution of:

  • Mail, Packages, Supplies and Records
  • Other: Moving/Transporting services for small to medium size equipment, parts and supplies from one location to another as requested

Fleet Management/Automotive Programs

  • Vehicle Purchasing and Assisting in the Liquidation of Outdated Vehicles
  • Fuel and Maintenance Program
  • Reporting

Document & Records Management

OMG focuses on transforming business critical document processes to help increase staff productivity and ultimately meet your primary organizational goals: financials and budgets, innovations and improvements, and superior customer service.

Whether your records management challenge includes lack of document storage space; the cost, difficulties and uncertainties of self-storage; increasing concern over risk and compliance or you are simply dissatisfied with your current records management system, we can help with information management solutions specifically designed for you.

OMG takes an innovative approach to optimizing the value of business information: more proactive, fact-driven, and directly supportive of productive activity, while continuing to ensure the protection of your valuable records and assets. OMG works with your current systems to ensure overall process quality; preserves chain-of-custody, effectively manage systems, space and your records program by providing:

  • Reduced Program Costs
  • Improved Workflow and Processes
  • Reengineered Records Program and Controls
  • Optimized Storage Systems
  • Improved Access to Critical information
  • Coordinated Retention Programs

Professional Office Services

At OMG we offer a wide range of services that allow you to concentrate on your core competencies.  Saving money in the non-revenue generating functions can be easily attained, let us help you in the following areas:

  • Reception and Switchboard
  • Front desk, Administrative
  • Kitchen Maintenance
  • Fax Management
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Conference Room Management
  • Supplies Management
  • Help Desk
  • Day-forward scanning

OMG Team members are cross-trained in every service center area – so you will benefit from consistent and continuous world-class customer service in even the most routine daily tasks.

Shipping & Receiving Management

  • Dock Receiving/Chemical Docks
  • Package Distribution & Tracking
  • Certified/Accountable Tracking
  • Receiving/Distribution Management
  • Sales/Marketing Materials Fulfillment
  • Shipping Logistics – 3PL’s and Courier


Litigation Services and Support

An onsite services solution allows our clients to remove the burden of administrative and operational functions, allowing our clients to focus on the core business services.  OMG Litigation Solutions provide everything necessary to provide an improved service delivery to attorneys, paralegals and firm staff to include; staff, equipment, software solutions and industry best practices.  


A customized and scalable on-site solution 
Our comprehensive onsite support services offerings address every detail, from large-scale electronic processing, workflow design, to solution integration and operation.  Our clients need not worry about any unexpected needs or issues, OMG can nimbly bring to bear an impressive array of resources to provide responsive and reliable support.

  • Large-scale litigation processing
  • Document imaging
  • Project management
  • Reporting and analysis



Industry Consulting
OMG's consulting studies are designed to streamline and support existing workflow. We then utilize our proven processes along with standard project management methodologies to ensure a smooth transition from customer-managed solutions to OMG operations management.

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