To offer the best service, we work with advanced systems and the finest employees. 

Resourceful Recruiting

Onsite Management Group recruits and retains the highest-level team members, united in their passion for serving our clients. These individuals adhere to the policies and procedures as described in the OMG Team Member Handbook. Employees are required to take and pass a drug test prior to employment. OMG employees must also complete a national background check through an approved FBI Channeling Agency.


"Service center personnel are cross-trained in all OMG services areas. We can interview your company's interested personnel for employment with OMG."

OMG Human Resources Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop, implement, and support programs and processes which add value to OMG and its employees. Thus, leading to improved employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention. At the same time, we remain committed to OMG’s key business drivers: management and prosperity for our customers, employee, and shareholders.

Personnel Perks

Our personnel are eligible for the following perks and recognition:

Holiday Luncheons and annual gift cards

Employee Referral Program: referring a Team Member, if hired - $50 for 30-day tenure - $100 for 90-day tenure and another $100 for one year tenure.

Customer Service Week - gift cards and/or planned Team Member events

Team Member Tenure gifts - OMG Team Members get to choose from some amazing gifts from our Tenured Employee Gift Catalog. Five Years, Ten Years, Twenty Plus Years. 

Sales Bonuses for referring a new client

Each quarter, we choose two employees who embody the qualities we all strive for here at OMG. The employee who wins the Hat’s Off Award exemplifies what it means to be a part of OMG. This person is always positive, works with a smile, and has a great attitude no matter the circumstances.

The employee who wins the Walk The Talk Award defines the phrase “above and beyond,” and not just for the client. It could also mean going out of your way to help a coworker at your site, or helping management by filling in at another site. This person is a shining example of how each and every employee should perform on a daily basis, embodying the “what else can we do for you?” attitude.


Onsite Management Group is a facilities management company dedicated to the optimization of service centers. We provide cost-effective solutions that intertwine effortlessly with your organization and adapt quickly as your business changes and grows.

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