How does the USPS 10-Year plan affect your business?

The United States Postal Service, in general, has fallen under a “hot lamp” of sorts, with businesses and consumers questioning practices conducted throughout the organization.

After extensive research internally, we understand that the USPS 10-year plan will affect businesses in some way or another. Directly affecting those businesses that send a plethora of direct mail, below are three statements from the 10-year plan that we think is important to consider. Whether you manage your mail in-house or outsource to a supplier, it will be important to reanalyze internal processes for strategizing your next fulfillment engagement.

Below are some statements from the USPS, and from our onsite analysis perspective, some feedback and scenarios to consider.  Please take note of the following bolded statements from the USPS, and the response from Onsite Management Group below.

“As we built this Plan throughout 2020, it was evident to us that the COVID-19 pandemic had exacerbated and highlighted the many long neglected shortcomings of our inflexible, misaligned, and underperforming business model and operating practices.”  – quote: USPS

The above statement offers a realization that the USPS was not prepared for the specific challenges brought by COVID-19 (which many of us were not).  The fact that they are just now approaching “long neglected shortcomings” shows that there needs to be a pandemic or catastrophic event for the USPS to look in the mirror and ask themselves a simple question.  “How does this affect our customer base?”

This is also a unique opportunity for organizations that have internal mailroom experts, like Onsite Management Group, to realize the efficiencies available. Utilizing a variety of focused analytic efforts can and will help mitigate the increased postage expense that a business could be experiencing at this time or in the future.

“Service standards that foster service excellence – achieved through an optimized network providing dramatic improvements in reliability, on-time delivery, and cost-to-serve— and meeting or exceeding 95 percent on-time delivery across mail and shipping product classes.”  – quote: USPS

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  • This demonstrates that feedback has been noted, and deliverability rates have been unacceptable throughout the organization.  Onsite Management Group provides the ability to manage this relationship for our clients. We have been working with the USPS for over 25 years, we know how to maintain a great working relationship with them. In order to increase deliverability rates, they will have to increase prices in other areas. Having mail expertise and design skills comes in as a crucial game changer when this is considered. To help diminish postage increases businesses need to feel confident they have experts managing their mail process, design and delivery methods.

Dramatic changes in customer demand have put downward pressure on the traditional letter and flat product volumes that we deliver to our customers’ mailboxes, especially First-Class Mail volume. – quote: USPS

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  • This sentiment promotes that we are in a unique stage in the mail lifecycle. As businesses deal with more and more data privacy and security issues, the urge to gravitate backwards, in a sense, with more direct mail and human control factors, entice decision making processes for all organizations.  As postage increases remain imminent, the best plan of action is to engage with an organization that has experience navigating these waters and righting the ship towards effective mail processing and design. As we all regain our normal activities post-COVID-19, cost-savings and consistent approaches to tackling that initiative become that much more crucial.

A bold approach to growth, innovation, and continued relevance – by providing customers with greater access to the Postal Service network and greater opportunity to receive same-day and next-day delivery. – quote: USPS

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  • This is just a nice way to say we are increasing rates across the board, and customers will have the ability to get mail the next day – but not without a price. Onsite Management Group approaches this a bit more delicately, helping our clients look at mail efficiencies, tracking and alternative options to get the mail to the end user in the expected timeframe.  We then present ideas to combat any increase, with training and actionable benchmarked operational procedures to make mail services a “living & breathing” cost-savings investment.  The team at Onsite Management Group utilize proprietary tools which allow us to provide a cost-savings guarantee specific to mail services.


How can we help?  Through identifying current postage spend, analyzing the impact of any rate adjustments, and applying subject matter expertise to recommend savings opportunities that can offset any increases.  We do this by:

    • Evaluating all mail services internally, which include incoming and outgoing mail and parcels, spend per category/piece, and how postage savings can be equated with efficient staffing and education of internal employees.
    • Understanding how the rate increase can impact internal mail and print designing applications.  Our services intertwine with necessary departments to lend expertise on how to design an effective marketing/fundraising piece that meets postal standards for increased discounts.
    • Capitalizing on our relationships with presort vendors.  Understanding how this service can dramatically increase and affect postage savings by aligning on objectives to increase this savings category consistently.
    • Providing our clients with experienced, trained and industry certified Account Managers.  We understand the qualities needed in this vital leadership role to ensure proper identification of cost-savings opportunities and interdepartmental cooperation for any mail-associated initiative.
    • OMG also understands the objective when it comes to centralized mail, courier and print. When mail needs to go out; couriers generally pick it up, when large print jobs need to be delivered to another business location; couriers tend to transport. The synergy created here allows for efficiencies to be gained when experts are allowed to look at all data associated with these services.

If you are scratching your head regarding how these changes may affect general business moving forward, we would enjoy connecting with you to explore options specific to industry guidance and education.

Onsite Management Group is a 29-year-old Veteran Owned Business that specializes in getting better performance from support areas.  Onsite Management Group has provided consistent cost-savings and management of mailrooms, print/copy centers & courier operations.  Onsite Management Group customizes each offering to suit each individual client, with a focus on satisfaction and delivering on our cost-savings guarantee.


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