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Onsite Management Group was established in 1992 as a professional services firm specializing in the management of Mail Centers and Copy Centers, Scanning and Imaging, Logistics/Courier Management, Supplies Management, Switchboard, and Reception Area Operation, and other professional office services. 


"Based in Louisville, KY, we started with two local accounts, and since then we've grown to serve a national client base."

The Benefits

For all new accounts, OMG offers a software-based transition plan taking into consideration all aspects of our client’s business and culture

Ability to focus on core business processes with our guarantee of service quality

We provide professional industry knowledge and on-site one-on-one consulting recommendations

 Our invoice and billing structure is simple and detailed to each location or department

OMG abides by the current Privacy Act standards including HIPAA, FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), and FPA (Financial Privacy Act) - maintaining total confidentiality regarding client/employee information

Services delivered regardless of any absence of your company personnel

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Onsite Management Group is a facilities management company dedicated to the optimization of service centers. We provide cost-effective solutions that intertwine effortlessly with your organization and adapt quickly as your business changes and grows.

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Onsite Management Group
4400 Bishop Lane, Ste. 214
Louisville, KY 40218

Phone: (800) 207-4807
Fax: (502) 515-7670

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